People Effectiveness

Develop leadership & interpersonal skills to influence others, improve performance, work in teams, lower turnover, adapt to new expectations, and achieve goals. Experience The Easier Way  to maximize people potential.

One on one & group sessions are offered on line, at your site, or chosen locations.

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Business Performance

Improve processes and develop people to achieve results The Easier Way . Organizational Development, Project Management, and Quality for start up, established, or transitioning businesses.

We provide coaching & consulting services customized to your needs. schedules,  and budget. Contact us for a free assessment.

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Success & Happiness

Changes happen daily.  Wanted or imposed, these changes impact your life, finances, career, and loved ones. Choices you are faced with and decisions you make affect the outcome of these changes.

We facilitate planning and reacting to these changes. Let us help you and achieve the results you seek The Easier Way  .

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The Easier Way 

Given a choice, would you prefer achieving results the hard way or  The Easier Way ?  Easier is better of course! WellTastic®'s Success & Happiness Enablers are traditionally trained coaches and consultants also versed in The Easier Way  .

The Easier Way   approach leverages what you already know and introduces leading-edge tools and methodologies. The Easier Way  creates a paradigm shift in the way you approach changes in business and in life. This shift leads to finding solutions and achieving results with an unexpected feeling of ease.

Based on years of  research and real word validation, WellTastic®'s founder, Sophie Valerio, demonstrated  The Easier Way ™ during her doctorate journey with real life projects. Quality practitioners, project managers, organizational leaders, and individuals have already benefited from The Easier Way .  We are looking forward to helping you.

An athlete with a prosthetic leg celebrating with arm raised high.

Let Us Help You...

Find out more and get results The Easier Way .  Contact us today.