Our Approach

WellTastic®, LLC helps improve people lives or careers while influencing their feelings of success and happiness.

... The Easier Way  ....

In addition to leveraging traditional coaching & consulting techniques, WellTastic® professionals' research, develop and support the implementation of leading-edge approaches, like the Project Success Enabler (PSE) tool.

Do not hesitate to ask us about it, and discover your journey to Ease Into Success & Happiness.


Our Focus

At WellTastic®, we want you to be "successful" at achieving results while feeling "happy" of the journey you traveled.



Ease Into Success & Happiness

We  network and partner with local businesses & organizations to bring you convenience at competitive pricing. Affiliate of the Resource Associates Corporation (RAC), we bring you an extensive network of coaches around the USA.


Sophie Valério


"The ultimate indicator that our Success & Happiness Enablers achieved lasting results is our clients' ability to continue moving forward on their own, with ease."

"I went from surviving to thriving ... You can as well!"


Expect Results

And A Journey To Remember

On any road to success, the feelings along the journey are strong. Unlike draining experiences you may have had, The Easier Way  approach leaves you re-fueled for your next journey.

Meet the President& Founder

Sophie Valério

Ms Valério founded WellTastic® in 2006. As a Success & Happiness Enabler™ with WellTastic®, she helps Individuals & Corporations   Ease Into Success & Happiness™ .

Born in France, fluent in French & English, Ms Valério's education includes two Masters degrees (Engineering and Quality) with a Six Sigma black belt specialty, Professional Coach certification, and is about to complete her Business Doctorate degree specializing in Higher Education Leadership & Innovation (HELI).  She was chosen as "Faculty Spotlight" while a Professor of Quality Systems Management. Ms Valerio has 30+ years of experience working from floor employee to executive levels, as well as consultant and coach. Her education and expertise is matched only by her passion for helping people smile!

She is the mother of two boys with whom she shares her love for sports, fun, & traveling. You may meet her happily dancing ballroom, salsa,  & more!


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